Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions products are engineered and manufactured in the USA. 

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Professional Reviews and Customer Comments

Over the years, Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions products have been professionally reviewed numerous times, and we have also received many kind comments from our customers.  You will find some of the reviewer and customer comments below.

Professional Reviews

“Well, admittedly, this award winner isn't a “component” in the technical sense, but under the proper conditions it provides a sonic improvement equivalent to a component upgrade. Paul Frumkin's three-step vinyl cleaning system, to these ears and after 12 years of experimenting with various solutions and RCMs, is the best I have tried and easily the most effective at cleaning the grungiest of records.

This three-step (you can reduce it to a two step process if you are so inclined without much, if any, penalty) record cleaning system helps me get the best from my LPs on a consistent basis. Starting with the enzymatic formula, this step of the process is, in this author's opinion, what sets the AI process apart from the competition as it is designed to remove the most stubborn deposits that most one step solutions (and most two step solutions I have tried), simply fail to remove. These deposits range from bacteria and other organic substances but also silicone from mold release compounds.

The second step utilizes the alcohol based Vinyl Cleaner designed to remove any deposits left behind by the Enzymatic formula and the optional third step is an Ultra Pure Water rinse. Combined with my reference Loricraft record cleaning machine, the Audio Intelligent solutions has proven itself to be the best cleaning system I have tried to date (and I have tried most) and, on most LPs, gave me a quieter blacker background, less pops and ticks as well as improved dynamics. Add to that, the fact that it is reasonably priced and you have an audio bargain of the highest magnitude.”

                                                    - Frank Peraino, Senior Editor, The Stereo Times, 2006                                                    

"Audio Intelligent – an intelligent way to clean your records.”
  - Roger S. Gordon, Positive Feedback Online, Issue 17
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“Trust me, once you hear what Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions can unleash from your records, you’ll be hooked too.  I’ve never heard anything better … period!”
- Greg Weaver, Positive Feedback Online, Issue 29
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“I can say that the AI fluids are reasonably priced, easy to apply and (especially) to spread, clean extremely well, and leave no audible residue.”
- Michael Fremer, Stereophile,December 2007


“The AIVS fluids produced vinyl that was visually and aurally as clean as it could get, often restoring the inky-black luster of the LPs as well. I did think the results were slightly better than with the Walker Prelude system. The AIVS fluids are clearly more economical, and you will spend less time using them and more time listening.  I plan to use these AIVS products from this point forward, which makes them literally a Reviewers' Choice.”
- Marc Mickelson, Soundstage!, January 2008
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“There are three points I would like to make before I get into the meat of the review. First, the Audio Intelligent fluids are very affordably priced, they are easy to use, and finally, they clean LPs as good or better than anything I have ever used.”

                                                                                                                               - Jack Roberts, Dagogo, February 2009

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“Through innovative product development, quality improvement and a strong customer focus, Jim Pendleton has transformed a part-time business into a leading provider of record-cleaning products. Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions delivers a complete lineup of tested, mutually compatible record cleaners that offer broad flexibility in support of individual cleaning scenarios. Odds are the modern vinylist can find an AIVS product combination to meet virtually any need. The company ships hundreds of bottles of cleaning fluid a week. To my way of thinking, that not only counts as a testament to the acceptance of AIVS fluids as safe and effective products, it is a direct cause of the continued viability of the vinyl record.”

                                                                                                                              - Tim Aucremann, The Audio Beat, August 1, 2011

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“I played Fiesta en el Pueblo once prior to cleaning it, then again after cleaning it with the standard concentration of Down With Dirty. Before cleaning, the record was not only very physically dirty but, as expected, very noisy, with countless pops and ticks and one skip. After cleaning, it looked a million times better—all but the most deeply ingrained prints were removed—and the sound had also improved. There were still some pops and ticks, but they were more subdued, and now seemed separate from the music rather than an integral part of it. The sound and music were now about equally lively and compelling—and the record no longer skipped.”

                                                                                                                   - Stephen Mejias, The Entry Level #41, Stereophile, May 2014

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Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions Customer Commentary

“I have been using your Premium One-Step Formula No. 6 with my Nitty Gritty Mini Pro 1 for about a month and I am now convinced this is the best cleaning fluid I have ever used! Right now I am listening to a first pressing of Weather Report's "Sweetnighter" album from 1973 that is a wonderful copy to begin with but still just a bit noisy on low level passages. However, after cleaning with your fluid, the LP not only looks practically brand new, but is also almost CD quiet on the low level passages! This result on a 35 year old regular pressing is impressive! I have just stocked up on two more bottles from Elusive Disc- I plan on eventually re-cleaning my entire vinyl library of about 650 albums with your fluid. I can't wait to hear the results! Usually, I am not one to rave about a product, but this is truly an exceptional one! Keep up the good work!"

  - Joe Blood, Audiophile and Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions Customer


“I've now cleaned quite a lot of LPs with Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions. I have to say the results are spectacular. I have never heard such a drop in background noise. Most of my records are quasi CD-like silent now. Those I thought were beyond hope, even after cleaning them countless times with a number of other commercially available record cleaning products, are suddenly enjoying a second life. I don't know how these very understated fluids do that, but AIVS is just amazing.”
  - Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions Customer Jean-Baptiste in Great Britain


"One LP in particular, a Maynard Ferguson Columbia pressing from the 1980s, was totally unlistenable before (was cleaned with [another brand]). After cleaning with your products, there was a remarkable improvement in surface noise as well as sonics (sound staging, etc.) as if the proverbial veil had been lifted."

                                                           - AudiogoN Member RandyK


“Great product; your [Premium One-Step Formula No. 6] is the best cleaning fluid I have ever used.”

                       - Frank Klink, Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions Customer


"I'm sold – already got rid of my surplus [another brand] solution on AudiogoN."

                                                      - AudiogoN Member Slate1


“I’m glad to experience what everyone’s been raving about.”

                                                     - AudiogoN Member Ben Powell


"I heard, and these are my ears and on my system, a better defined sound stage that seemed to be the result of a low level glare or edginess that was removed from all the records that I tried. (I listened before and after cleaning.) While the music was somewhat smoother, musical detail and texture was enhanced. The results were consistent on very old dime store vinyl as well as new, audiophile pressings. I had not realized the glare was present. Not bad."

                                                          - AudiogoN Member Ray


"I find [the AIVS] solutions to be exceptional. I heard nothing but improvements when I cleaned both new and old vinyl. I took many albums that I would consider VG condition and cleaned them with [another well-known brand]. I listened and then used [the Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions] system. I heard improvements in all areas -- music came out of a blacker background, surface noise was decreased, dynamics were increased, etc. I do not want to publicly discredit any other well-known brands which I own, but in my experience Paul's system bettered them. I have no financial interest in this product, but I hope it succeeds because it's hard to go back, at least for me, after you hear what it does."

                                                                                                      - AudiogoN Member Thafler


"The records I used the two-step process on were lost causes, and they now sound very good. [The AIVS] stuff seems to restore records that I thought I'd have to junk, even after careful cleaning with [another well-known brand]."

                                                                                            - AudiogoN Member Jeffloistarca


"This stuff is good. It beats anything I've used by a wide margin. * * * I hope I've not appeared to 'go over the top' with my recommendation, but the temptation is there to do so. Again, it's that good."

                                                                                                      - AudiogoN Member Lugnut


"Results: reliable 80% reduction in the continuous background surface noise, and more clarity, detail, and texture to voices and instruments. Much more enjoyable listening. Easy to hear this wonderful improvement."

                                                                                                - AudiogoN Member Listener57


"This I will say: the stuff works, people! * * * There is no question that these formulas are very effective at reducing surface noise. All of the air and detail is restored to the LPs, and I think the reason we are hearing this is really very simple: CGMCM -- Clean Grooves Mean Clean Music. * * * My stylus is staying cleaner, and in the case of the Al Stewart LP, I hear stuff again on it that I have not heard since the day the seal was broken in 1977. It's not changing what's on the vinyl, but it's cleaning the vinyl to a degree that allows me to listen to the music, and not to the dirt and dust and junk that has gotten into the grooves over the years."

                                                                                                  - AudiogoN Member Slipknot1


"Right up front, I have to say one thing: surface noise is greatly reduced using [Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions]. This is not a subtle thing, but glaringly obvious. * * * I bought the CBS Mastersound Pink Floyd 'Wish You Were Here' new in 1980. I can honestly say that the album has never sounded as good as it does now. I tend to dislike most of the adjectives used to describe sound. But here, I guess the one I would use is, it just sounds more right. * * * For the record, [another brand] is great stuff. I've been using their stylus cleaner for better than 15 years and consider their recording cleaning products to be top drawer. [The AIVS] two step cleaning fluids have the edge in my opinion, and not by a small amount. * * * So in summation, I'd have to say what happens using [Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions] is the availability of a new level of detail, making the MUSIC more enjoyable. That's what I want out of a clean record. And, IMHO, [Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions] does it best, so far!"

                                                                                                           - AudiogoN Member jphii


"The outcome of using your record cleaning solutions has enhanced greatly, my enjoyment of playing vinyl. If everyone could experience the sound I am getting from my modest hi-end analog sysem, I sincerely doubt most could not resist getting back into spinning records instead of CD's.

Thanks, so much, for bringing these world class record cleaning solutions to market! I will not use anything other than Audio Intelligent record cleaning solutions."

-Jeff Srnec, Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions Customer